Interactive Whiteboard Guide

Picking and fitting an Interactive whiteboard system can seem dauting. This quick guide provides answers to the most common questions, and we're on hand to help if you need any further advice.

We offer three different whiteboard system types:

Ceiling Mounted Projector & Wall Mounted Board

If you have a high ceiling (greater than 3.5m) or a very weak ceiling then this installation type may not be practical.
This is the traditional form of installation. A standard (medium) throw projector is fitted to the ceiling on a pole mount at a distance of about 2.5m to 3m from the board. Although affordable, this system does not offer the benefits of a short throw system.

Wall Mounted Projector & Board

If you have a weak partition wall or a low ceiling (under 2.7m) then this installation type may not be practical.
This is the most popular whiteboard system installation type. A Short or UltraShort projectors is mounted on the wall above the whiteboard to provide a compact system with the benefits of short throw projection.

Stand Mounted Projector & Board

A stand mounted system is versatile and portable. The whiteboard and a Short or UltraShort projector are mounted on the stand, which can be height adjusted.

Whiteboards are available in either Standard or Widescreen formats. It's best to pick a whiteboard system to match the computer/s you intend to use with it.

Most older computers use the non widescreen Video Standard format (4::3). Non-widescreen whiteboard systems are still the most popular type for classroom use.

Widescreen boards are actually available in Movie Widescreen (16:9) and PC Widescreen (16:10). However, we only offer the PC Widescreen version for UK use. Most modern computers are widescreen.

If you are unsure what you need please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

A common concern about traditional Interactive Whiteboard systems is the shadowing & glare caused by being caught in the projector beam. Obstructing the beam blocks out parts of the image, and the light may be uncomfortable for the user.

The new generation of Short and UltraShort projectors greatly reduce this problem by bringing the beam close to the surface of the board. In this way the beam can be avoided. The shorter the projection distance, which is also called the Throw Distance, the better the results.

All of our interactive whiteboard systems are easy to use. Some whiteboard systems can be operated by touch alone, while others require an electronic pen to be used. Some systems offer both! The simplicity of touch systems is extremely intuitive, while an electronic pens can allow more sophisticated control.

The Multi-Touch feature available on some whiteboard systems allows more than one user to operate the board at the same time. This means they can spend more time collaborating and less time waiting for their turn to work on the interactive surface.

Our supply & fit packages provide a complete solution, delivered and installed. Because each site is different our prices are offered as a guide, and are subject to a free site survey (usually conducted by telephone).

Electrical work such as fitting new power sockets is not covered in our guide pricing because many of our customer have pre-existing arrangements with electrical contractors. If you do need eletecrical work we can add this service at affordable rates.

Installation can usually be performed within two weeks of a confirmed order. For more details on what to expect during installation see our Installations Advice.

Standard (Mid) Throw
Standard/Mid Throw Projection Illustration
Short Throw
Short Throw Projection Illustration
UltraShort Throw
UltraShort Throw Projection Illustration

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