Adastra TR86 Touch Wall Remote for RZ45 Audio Matrix

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About This Product

Adastra Model: TR86 Mfg Part Code: 953.050UK

Touch Remote Wall Plate for Rz45 Audio Matrix

Touch Remote Wall Plate for RZ45 Audio Matrix

Remote control for the RZ45 audio matrix system built into a single gang 86 x 86mm wall plate. The illuminated acrylic touch-operated surface selects between 3 stereo audio sources or the inbuilt media player on the RZ45 and controls the output level to its zone. Connection by standard network cable carries signal and power to the TR86 panel up to 100m away from the RZ45 or signal up to 1km away with a separate 24Vdc power input. Additionally, a mono line level signal can be wired internally to the panel via screw terminals to provide an independent local audio source. Up to 5 TR86 remote panels may be used with a single RZ45 unit controlling up to 5 independent zones.

  • Hygienic acrylic touch operated surface
  • Illuminated with colour coded indicators
  • Easy installation via RJ45 connection
  • Up to 5 remote panels per RZ45 audio matrix
  • Up to 100m powered directly from RZ45 or 1km with +24V power


Connection 8P8C (RJ45)
Power supply 24Vdc (from RZ45 or externally)
Controls Sources 1-4 (USB), Local, Mute, Level +/-
Terminals Local +24V, Ground, Local line input
Dimensions 86 x 86 x 38mm
Mounting depth 38mm
Weight 128g